Crippen & Landru books are first editions of mystery, detection, crookery, roguery, and espionage.

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"The specialty publisher with the most star-studded list is Crippen & Landru, which has produced short story collections by some of the biggest names in contemporary crime fiction." 
- Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

"God Bless Crippen & Landru."  
- The Strand Magazine

"A monument in the making is appearing year by year from Crippen & Landru, a small press devoted exclusively to publishing the criminous short story."  
- Don Herron,
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"This is the best edited, most attractively packaged line of mystery books introduced in this decade. The books are equally valuable to collectors and readers."
- Mystery Scene Magazine

M urder, conmen, elephants. Who knew ancient times could be such fun?

Many of the stories feature Claudia Seferius, the superbitch heroine of Marilyn Todd’s critically acclaimed mystery series set in Ancient Rome. Others feature Iliona, High Priestess of the Temple of Eurotas, blackmailed to work with Sparta’s feared secret police. ... read more
I n 1930, Anthony Berkeley Cox (1893–1971) founded London’s Detection Club, whose members swore that their “detectives shall well and truly detect the crimes presented to them, using those wits which it may please you to bestow upon them.” The Detection Club pledged “never to conceal a vital clue from the reader.”

This enlarged edition includes – for the first time– the newly discovered short-short, “The Bargee’s Holiday.” ... read more

Phyllis Bentley, OBE (1894-1977) was a major regional novelist of her native Yorkshire. In the 1930's she began to write detective short stories, featuring a spinster detective novelist, Miss Phipps. In the first story she meets a young police officer on a train; … read more
Charlotte Armstrong (1905-1969) introduced suspense into the commonplace, the everyday, by writing short stories and novels in which one simple action sets a series of events spiraling into motion, pulling readers along, breathless with anxiety. By creating characters that could be one’s next-door-neighbors and by relocating suspense, in many cases, from its Gothic ancestral settings, to locales she knew best, Armstrong...
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Dr. Sam Hawthorne, a New England country doctor in the first half of the twentieth century, was constantly faced by murders in locked rooms and impossible disappearances. Nothing Is Impossible contains fifteen of Dr. Sam’s most extraordinary cases solved between 1932 and 1936, including a circus acrobat who vanishes from a trapeze, an invisible weapon, murder in a cabin surrounded by unmarked snow … read more
E X. Ferrars (1907-1995) was born Morna Doris MacTaggart and known as Elizabeth Ferrars in Great Britain. By whatever name, she was an elegant crime writer, specializing in the traditional, classic mystery.

"She remains," wrote one reviewer, "one of the most adept and intelligent adherents of the whodunit form." … read more

Melodie Johnson Howe was, as she says in the introduction to this collection of criminous Hollywood, "one of the last of the starlets."
While she was making movies with Clint Eastwood, Alan Alda,James Caan, James Farentino and others, she was honing the craft of writing. … read more
ONE OF THE GREAT SERIES OF MODERN DETECTIVE STORIES! The Duel of Shadows is the 33d in Crippen & Landru's Lost Classic series -- new collections by great writers of traditional mysteries. It is edited by British scholar and researcher, Mike Ashley, who his best known for his many Mammoth Book of anthologies.
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