Crippen & Landru books are first editions of mystery, detection, crookery, roguery, and espionage.

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"The specialty publisher with the most star-studded list is Crippen & Landru, which has produced short story collections by some of the biggest names in contemporary crime fiction." 
- Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

"God Bless Crippen & Landru."  
- The Strand Magazine

"A monument in the making is appearing year by year from Crippen & Landru, a small press devoted exclusively to publishing the criminous short story."  
- Don Herron,
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"This is the best edited, most attractively packaged line of mystery books introduced in this decade. The books are equally valuable to collectors and readers."
- Mystery Scene Magazine

Crippen & Landru Upcoming Releases

The following books are our currently planned, upcoming releases. You may want to consider bookmarking this page (Ctrl+D) to watch the status of these books. The titles listed and schedules are tentative, some extremely so:

  • Nothing Is Impossible: The Third Casebook of Dr. Sam Hawthorne by Edward D. Hoch. The master of the Impossible Crime. Now in Proofs.

  • [Untitled collection of stories] by Marilyn Todd. Stories featuring Claudia Seferius in ancient Rome, and other tales

  • Author in Search of a Character: The Miss Phipps Mysteries by Phyllis Bentley, edited by Marvin Lachman. Lost Classics Series. Now in Proofs.

  • Funeral in the Fog and Other Simon Ark Tales by Edward D. Hoch. .

  • Night Call and Other Stories of Suspense by Charlotte Armstrong, edited by Rick Cypert. Lost Classics series. Now in Proofs.

  • Dagobert, Sleuth of Old Vienna by Balduin Groller, trans. by Thomas Riedeker. The first edition in English of a 1910 classic. Lost Classics Series. NOW BEING TRANSLATED

  • Hoch's Ladies by Edward D. Hoch. Three series of short stories, each featuring a female protagonist.