Crippen & Landru books are first editions of mystery, detection, crookery, roguery, and espionage.

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"The specialty publisher with the most star-studded list is Crippen & Landru, which has produced short story collections by some of the biggest names in contemporary crime fiction." 
- Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

"God Bless Crippen & Landru."  
- The Strand Magazine

"A monument in the making is appearing year by year from Crippen & Landru, a small press devoted exclusively to publishing the criminous short story."  
- Don Herron,
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

"This is the best edited, most attractively packaged line of mystery books introduced in this decade. The books are equally valuable to collectors and readers."
- Mystery Scene Magazine

Crippen & Landru's Cover Designers

Crippen & Landru Publishers have some of the most accomplished illustrators in the profession. We encourage you to contact them by email if you have a book or magazine project.

Gail Cross is an Anthony Award nominee for dust jacket design and the owner of Desert Isle Design in Mesa Arizona. Some of her recent designs have graced the covers of books by Dean Koontz, Ed Gorman, Lawrence Block, Richard Laymon, Gary Braunbeck, Ray Garton, and Joe R. Lansdale. For Crippen & Landru, she designed the covers for Famous Blue Raincoat, Kisses of Death: A Nathan Heller Casebook, Adam and Eve on a Raft, Murder, Mystery & Malone, Hildegarde Withers, The Spotted Cat, The Pleasant Assassin, Kill the Umpire, The Avenging Chance, Byline: Mickey Spillane, Sleuth’s Alchemy, Murder, Ancient and Modern, Murder, ’Orrible Murder, The Trinity Cat, The Exploits of the Patent Leather Kid, A Pocketful of Noses, Appleby Talks About Crime, Shooting Hollywood, and The Casebook of Jonas P. Jonas. Her e-mail address is
Juha Lindroos is a Finnish native currently residing in Southern Indiana with his wife. His work is often an abstract attempt at conveying the feel and texture of the book. His influences, most bearing little or no resemblance to his work, include Weegee, Jack Gaughan, Gustav Klimt, Leo & Diane Dillon, Bill Sienkiewicz, Man Ray, Cindy Sherman, Richard Powers and Edward Hopper, among many others. Besides his covers for Crippen & Landru (Problems Solved, The Lucky Dip, Murder All Kinds, The Danger Zone and The Casebook of Sidney Zoom), he has also done work for Four Walls Eight Windows, No Exit Press, Prime Books, and numerous other clients. He is the co-founder of Wit's End Publishing ( with his partner in crime, art and life, Kathleen Martin. You can reach Juha by email at, and his portfolio resides at
Carol Heyer is known for her realism and vivid colors. She is the author/illustrator of 14 children's books, and she has designed the covers for several TSR paperbacks and illustrated stories in science fiction magazines. She has also designed several of the popular Magic, The Gathering cards. She won the Spectrum Award, International Competition for Fantastic Arts, for a painting in her book The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood. For Crippen & Landru, Carol Heyer painted the pictures on the covers of The McCone Files, Diagnosis: Impossible, Spadework, My Mother, The Detective, Do Not Exceed the Stated Dose, Carpenter and Quincannon, The Concise Cuddy, McCone and Friends, The Velvet Touch, Stakeout on Page Street, The Celestial Buffet, The Old Spies Club, The Sedgemoor Strangler, The Reluctant Detective, The Sleuth of Baghdad: The Inspector Chafik Stories, The Dark Snow and Other Mysteries, The Iron Angel, Karmesin, Cuddy-Plus One, Suitable for Hanging, The Confessions of Owen Keane, The Detections of Francis Quarles, More Things Impossible, The Verdict of Us All, A Little Intelligence, The Casebook of Gregory Hood, and Valentino: Film Detective. Her email address is and you can find examples of her artwork on her website located at
Gwen Mandley worked for Odhams Press in London before serving in the War Office during World War II, for which she received an MBE. After the war, she became Art Director of the Civilian Bureau of Current Affairs, and later headed an art studio for a leading advertising agency. She is a member of the Council of the Chelsea Art Society. She contributed 12 pen and ink drawings, including the cover illustration, for In Kensington Gardens Once....
Melanie has done cover work for Crippen & Landru Publishers for The Minerva Club.
Deborah Miller is Graphics Supervisor at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, and she works as unofficial (so far) Art Director for Crippen & Landru. She designed the covers for Speak of the Devil, The Darings of the Red Rose, Who Killed Father Christmas?, The Man who Hated Banks, Renowned Be Thy Grave, One Night Stands, Tragedy of Errors, Fortune's World, Strangers in Town, The Lost Cases of Ed London, The Newtonian Egg, The Curious Conspiracy, The 13 Culprits, The Complete Curious Mr. Tarrant, The Couple Next Door, The Adventure of the Murdered Moths, The Murder in the Stork Club, and has designed the typography for the covers of most of our other books. Her email address is
Barbara Mitchell is a Native American artist who is a Blackfoot descendant and lives on in California. Her work shows strong Native American and Western heritage, and she has won awards for oil painting and mixed media at the Red Cloud Indian Arts Show and Northern Plains Tribal Arts. She has designed a Montana calendar, and for Crippen & Landru, she drew the cover pictures for The Ripper of Storyville, All Creatures Dark and Dangerous, Nine Sons, A Killing Climate, Dr. Poggioli: Criminologist, and The Grandfather Rastin Mysteries. Her website can be found at, and her email address is
Tom Roberts has had illustrations appearing as paperback and magazine covers and interiors, and he has worked for a variety of comic book publishers, including DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and Malibu, In 1998, he founded Black Dog Press to publish pamphlets reprinting stories from the great pulp era. For Crippen & Landru, he designed the contents and painted the covers of Long Live the Dead, Jo Gar's Casebook, Marksman, Come Into My Parlor, Banner Deadlines, Slot-Machine Kelly, Evidence of the Sword, and Masquerade. His e-mail address is
Victoria Russell tells us that she lived a life of poverty until she became an illustrator in 1989. "I have," she adds demurely, "a few skeletons in my closet which perhaps explains my fondness for mysteries." She now works in Washington, DC where (to quote her again) "I am training to run a marathon and ride a rather old bicycle everywhere." She recently designed a new logo for The Armchair Detective and for Crippen & Landru the cover drawing and typography for Shoveling Smoke, Not Safe After Dark, Challenge the Widow-Maker, and Tales Out of School. Her email address is
Linda Weatherly specializes in representational figurative drawings and works in a variety of media often drawing inspiration from quilt patterns, textiles, and costume ornamentation. She has worked with Guideposts, Phi Delta Kappan, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Highlights for Children, Pemberley Press, and Perseverance Press. Her personal work has been exhibited at the Society of Illustrators and the Museum of Art and Design in New York City. For Crippen and Landru she painted the cover for Murders and Other Confusions. Currently she lives in the Virginia mountains and in her spare time enjoys creating ceramic art with her ceramic artist husband. Her email address is
Erin S. Wells, a native of southwestern Wisconsin, now resides in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband Michael and two black cats, Wolfgang and Sebastian. She received a BA degree from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and her MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her favorite artists include the Wyeths, Howard Pyle, Arthur Rackham, Aubrey Beardsley, Gary Kelley, Richard Scarry, John R. Neill, and many others. For Crippen & Landru, she worked with Gail Cross on the cover of The Trinity Cat, and, alone, on A Tale About a Tiger. You can view her portfolio at
Jeff Wong has been an illustrator since 1985. He has also done character designs and storyboards for TV and film. His cover art for Sports Illustrated's 50th Anniversary Issue depicting the entire Sistine Chapel ceiling was shown at the Society of Illustrators in 2004 and the Society of Publication Designers awarded it a Gold and Silver Medal the same year. He has one of the finest Ross Macdonald collections ever assembled. For Crippen & Landru, he worked on the cover of The Archer Files. His website is